When you think, say and ask what and who is CityLifeLive?  Think Entertaining, say Urban Art through Music, Audio and Broadcasting and ask for More.
– Marcia Meredith, Founder & President –



About Us

CityLifeLive Entertainment stems from the urban, arts and entertainment facets of advertising and broadcasting on businesses daily activities toll free for all consumers nationwide… Read More


Coming Attractions

CityLifeLive is committed to bringing top tier Performances and Events through select media vehicles. Live, Raw and Uncut. Don’t miss our Upcoming Attractions coming to a city near you… Read More

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Watch Us “LIVE”

There’s nothing like the live concert experience! Bass pumping, people screaming, everyone dancing…good times! Now imagine taking in that live concert experience while lounging on a sofa from anywhere in the world… Read More

About CityLifeLive Entertainment

CityLifeLive Entertainment is a division of CityLifeLive, LLC., a subsidiary of Marcia Meredith Media Incorporated Company. CityLifeLive Entertainment is dedicated to bringing “Live” Entertainment “NOW” to your city!!!! WE focus on branding and name recognition for all entities and corporations alike by facilitating our own platforms geared towards all audiences in every genre without prejudice.

On the forefront of a revolutionary evolution CityLifeLive Entertainment’s capacity, passion and ability is to maintain our primary objective, the PIE Theory. 1. Prepare 2. Innovate 3. Execute.

CityLifeLive Entertainment stems from the urban, arts and entertainment facets of advertising and broadcasting on businesses daily activities toll free for all consumers nationwide while our main concentrations are targeted developments and enhancements for all establishments. In lieu of advertising, branding, promoting and marketing companies, the entertainment sector affords a vast opportunity for exposure. CityLifeLive took this concept to another horizon bursting the floodgates; upgrading the vehicle to take our clients from 0 to 60 seconds in less than a minute.

WE pride ourselves on what we are able to bring into all communities. Endowing a presence for growth by leaving behind hope through donations and humanitarian efforts, creating jobs, brand awareness, impacting businesses small and large while creating avenues of success. Within the hierarchy of our structure, the vision is one in the same, not one industry, person, or job is left undone. At Marcia Meredith Media there is a place for everyone, no stone unturned. Our goal not only for ourselves but all of our companies combined is to market for the sake of our great America, “foreclose unemployment, end furloughs and stop forced early retirement” Though this content may appear political, but it’s not, it’s simple, create jobs. And CityLifeLive Entertainment employs, promotes, brands and markets for every industry and every company thereby enabling growth, empowering commitment and evoking will.

Our words SAY who we are at CityLifeLive Entertainment but our actions SHOW who we are at CityLifeLive Entertainment!!!


Our partners and investors alike have adjoined with our collective visions unsolicited. Marcia Meredith Media maintains a prestige and privacy retention from accredited investors and partners with the same ideals and idea that offers support, consultancy and more importantly seasoned wisdom. We celebrate those whom saw our vision from the beginning and without regret or recourse leaped at the opportunity to sharpen their iron, tune their wits and increase their bottom line. At the end of every day we are most grateful for the expansion of our resources and the value of our extended relationships.


Corporate Office

City Life Live Entertainment

7591 Fern Avenue Suite 1204

Shreveport, LA 71105

Office: 318-797-5630 | Direct: 318-459-9350

Our Locations

Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Irvine, CA

Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
New York, NY

Philadelphia, PA
San Francisco, CA
Tysons Corner, VA
Washington, DC

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