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When you think, say and ask what and who is CityLifeLive?  Think Entertaining, say Urban Art through Music, Audio and Broadcasting and ask for More.
— Marcia Meredith, Founder & President —

About CityLifeLive

CityLifeLive is an integrated media company dedicated to bringing “Live” Entertainment “NOW” to your city!!!

Specializing in arts and entertainment, CityLifeLive offers multi-dimensional solutions for those who want to be “in the know” as well as for those who “want you to go”. CityLifeLive integrates audio, visual, mobile, live stream and television media to provide an up to date and live information portal for local events, restaurants, clubs and entertainment. As a result, businesses have access to a one of a kind marketing medium to publicize their daily activities in real time.


On the forefront of a revolutionary evolution CityLifeLive’s capacity, passion and ability is to maintain our primary objective, the PIE Theory.

  • * Prepare
  • * Innovate
  • * Execute

WE pride ourselves on what we are able to bring into all communities. Endowing a presence for growth by leaving behind hope through donations and humanitarian efforts, creating jobs, brand awareness, impacting businesses small and large while creating avenues of success. Within the hierarchy of our structure, the vision is one in the same, not one industry, person, or job is left undone. Our goal is not only for ourselves but all of our companies combined; to market for the sake of our great America, “foreclose unemployment, end furloughs and stop forced early retirement” Though this content may appear political, it’s not, it’s simple, to create jobs.

CityLifeLive employs, promotes, brands and markets for every industry and every company thereby enabling growth, empowering commitment and evoking will. Our words SAY who we are at CityLifeLive but our actions SHOW who we are at CityLifeLive!!!

CityLifeLive Careers

Here at CityLifeLive, we are always searching for the brightest talent, skills and assets. Those whom share the same values which we possess and could foster a few more along the way this maybe the ideal home you are looking for. We have a number of attractive positions coming available for 2016.

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